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Tiny House


Tiny House is a FREE digitally curated magazine containing over 3 hours of videos including home tours. If your interested in tiny homes then you wont be disappointed.The tiny house movement also known as the "small house movement" is a architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes.
The Tiny House Movement is a growing group of people who are happy to downsize the space that they live in and enjoy simplified lives as a result. While the average American home is around 2600 square feet, the typical small or tiny house is around 100-400 square feet.
This issue contains

Video:Tiny House Built in 40 days
Video:18 Year Old Student Builds Amazing Tiny House as School Project
Living Small: A Tiny House Documentary
Video:Insulating a Tiny House
Video:Japanese-inspired wood-clad tiny home in Ohio small town
Video :Tiny House: Solar Power
The Tiny Tack House
Tiny House Family with Two Babies and a Great Dane!
A Tiny House Bus Tour
Kequyen's wonderful Tiny House in British Columbia
Fred and Shannon Schultz's amazing off-the-grid tiny house
America's 1st tiny house hotel
See This Woman’s Incredible 140-Square-Foot Dream Home
A Spectacular 20ft Off-The-Grid Tiny Shipping Container House